Subscriptions Plans

The subscriptions plans are all the plans that you offer for your product. This is the combination of name and price.


The subscriptions plans is the main way with which you forecast the revenue of any subsrciption based business, like SaaS.

How to create the subscriptions plans

You can easily add your plans to Sturppy and configure them with a great degree of detail. The data that is required from you is:

  • Name

    This is the name of the plan that the customer will see, used to identify the plan.

  • Monthly cost

    This is the amount that the customer will be charged for each month. If you have annual plans, then convert them to monthly price and enter that.

  • One-time cost

    This is the amount that is paid only once. This can be used if you subscription has an initial activation fee or an installation cost.


You can decide to leave monthly cost or one-time cost empty. You just need to enter at least one of them.

  • Shares

    The percentage of customers that choose this plan (also called distribution). Usually, the plans that are more expensive will have less customers (so a smaller share percentage), than cheaper plans.


The sum of all the shares must equal 100%. If you have other products or services that you sell on top of the plans, you can add them as separate in the Transaction revenue.


To better explain how to use the subscriptions plans we'll show you some examples of different configurations:

Normal subscription model

This is the easiest and most common configuration. You only offer monthly plans with no other costs.

Subscription model with one-time fee

In this case you two most expensive plans (premium and pro) both have a one-time cost. This could be that for the higher pricing plans you also offer an initial installation support which costs some money.

Subscription model with a one-time only plan

This is an example of how much you can customize Sturppy. In this example the starter plan doesn't have a monthly cost, but it's a one-time product, while the two other plans are monthly subscriptions.


This degree of detail should cover all possible situations, but sometimes a particular business model requires a specific configuration, in most cases, you can adjust the values that you enter to fit your needs. Having said that, if you find yourself not able to model you particular situation, just write to us with the in-app chat and we will be happy to help you.