Financial Modeling Tool
for E-commerce and Dropshipping

Financial model created exactly for e-commerce businesses. Ditch the generic spreadsheet and use our detailed and specific model made for your e-commerce or dropshipping business.

Specific for e-commerce

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Optimize your time

Building an e-commerce business it's already hard on it's own, very hard. You don't need to waste time on other things like building a financial model. We have that covered for you.


Avoid Mistakes

We are just like you: builders, doers, founders, entrepreneurs we made a lot of mistakes.
Let us help you.

We Build Your Financial Model With You

We haven't just created a platform to help founders create a financial model for their startup, we have created a system that teaches you what a financial model is and should be — and helps you build one avoiding common errors.

Not only you will have an amazing financial model, you will have an actionable and reliable plan based on realistic assumptions that you can execute upon.

Making Financial Modeling Easy

Until now, to create a financial model you needed to be an expert in finance, accounting and Excel. With Sturppy you just need to be an expert in your business, and follow some easy steps:


Define your customer acquisition strategy

Insert your marketing budget and the organic traffic that you will generate.


Define your average order value

Estimate your average cart amount to get the revenue.


Define your expenses

List the expenses associated to your product and to the fulfilment of the orders.


What will happen if you raise your prices by 20%? How much revenue will you generate? What if the customer acquisition cost is higher than you anticipated? How many staff members do you need to hire?

With a financial model made with Sturppy you can answer all this questions and many more. Trying new assumptions is super easy and with scenario planning you can see how you will do under different cases.



This is just a demo. We have made many assumptions and we have over-simplified a lot.

If you want to take control of your startup now and complete your financial model register for free now.

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