The first complete platform for financial modeling

With a single platform every App, Saas or E-Commerce can create and validate business model ideas and project user and revenue growth for your startup.

Traffic and marketing

Create a realistic user acquisition strategy, specifying your mareting budget and your conversion cost.

Active users

Predict how many active users you will have based on your marketing data and your retention rate.

Your expenses tracked

Add the cost of running your business in the projections to calculate your break-even-point and how much investment you will need.

Accurate cost predictions

We know the costs of running an app or a platform, so we can help you predict the costs of running your platform.

Projections and financial models specific for each business plan

We know the struggle of finding a financial model template that suits your business or a projection model that reflects your needs.
Each business model requires different input and needs to keep track of different KPI, so we developed a tool optimized for each different business model in a different way.


Track your most important KPIs like churn rate and MRR. We let you create different plans and help you calculate your ARPU.

financial model template for saas

Ad Revenue

Get your estimated CPM and project the revenue from your ads with the help of the active users calculated by the platform.

financial model template for ad revenue

In-App Purchases

Know which digital products are selling the best and how many transactions your customer are making. We help you find patterns and create predictable revenue.

financial model template for in app purchases


Estimate traffic to your site, average order value and fulfilment costs. We help you undestand how many customers you will need.

financial model template for in app purchases

Features: more than a simple financial model

Multiple Business Models

You have the possibility to add more business models to a single project: maybe your app has ads and a subscription. Or maybe you offer In-App Purchases and ads. Every combination, we got you covered.

Dynamic Assumptions

You can configure your assumptions to change every month. For instance you can say that your marketing budget will grow 10% each month to a maximum of 1,000$.

Magic AI valuation

We take the guessing game out of financial modeling. Our AI will tell you if you are too optimistic or too pessimistic.

Hiring Plan

Create an actual hiring plan that is directly linked to the active users or to your customers. Also, don't forget to buy computers for the new hired members.

Multiple Projects

Create different financial models for each of your project. Maybe you have an ad supported app and a SaaS platform. You can manage them both from the same account and see the bigger picture of your startup.

Scenario Planning

Create different cases for your finanacial model: best, realistic and worst to be ready for any eventuality.

Manage Debt and Depreciation

Track long term debt and the depreciation of your assets. You don't have to do the math, we do it for you. Easily. Beautifully.


Get an accurate valuation for your startup built in the financial model.