Financial modeling tool
for your startup

Create financial models and powerful projections.
tracking expenses in the financial model
creating the statements in the financial model
planning user growth in the financial model
planning revenue in the financial model








Disrupting financial modeling.

Financial modeling made easier

Founders should be founders, they should be creating and innovating, not learning about accounting or finance.
We eliminated all the complexity for you.

easily create a financial model
quickly create a financial model

Financial modeling made faster

Focus on your startup, while we focus on your financial model. With Sturppy you can create a model presentable to investors in less than 10 minutes.

Financial modeling made better

Not just a plain old spreadsheet.
Not just a generic model for every startup.
Our tool helps you each step of the way to create a better, more realist model.

create better financial models

What our early beta-testers are saying about Sturppy

"I can't believe how much time I've wasted with Excel now that I've used Sturppy. This is just so much faster."


"Sturppy defintely helped us securing our first round of funding. Having a concrete financial model, with realistic numbers and user growth really impressed our investors."


"We managed to create 5 different financial models in a single day and quickly test which of our ideas were the best."